Linden Road Academy


Backstage Academy

Fantastic work by BACKSTAGE ACADEMY students at Linden Road Academy recently.


Recently, Backstage Academy Live Visual Design and Production (LVDP) 1st year students were asked by The Enquire Learning Trust to create an immersive classroom experience for young students at Linden Road Academy.

Our students used conductive paint to create buttons for the interactive classroom design. The Linden students would press the interactive buttons which would trigger a variety of videos and different visual effects.

The Backstage Academy students said, “It was a great project to work on. The reactions of the young students were brilliant. It was very rewarding as it was clearly loved by everyone who took part.”

We would like to say thank you to Discovery VR Bare ConductiveIsadora, The Enquire Learning Trust, Seeker VR and d3 for their support throughout the project.

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