Manchester Arena Attack


We are joined by millions today around the world in the feelings of loss, confusion and sadness that we harbour this morning over the events that occurred at Manchester Arena yesterday evening.

This senseless act, however it is motivated, is nothing more than a cowardly, bitter and futile attack on our societies most important value; freedom. It is an attack on the enjoyment that we all take from being together and being free.

Our hearts go out to all involved, to the families, friends, emergency services and those so directly affected, we mourn their loss and we send them our sincere condolences. Our thoughts also go out to the artist, the management, the crew and all of those who were earning a living working in and around the Arena last night. This is very close to home and we feel pain and solidarity for the beautiful and resilient city of Manchester here in Yorkshire today.

The wonderful industry in which we are all involved takes pride in creating positivity, emotion and optimism. It creates moments that warm hearts and bring people together. A cold, callous and cynical act of evil cannot extinguish the light, and the love, that it sheds on the world <3

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