The centrepiece of Expo 2017


It is one of the largest and most complicated video facades in the world.

The centrepiece of Expo 2017 in Astana Kazakhstan is an 80 metre diameter twisted sphere with over 125,000 pixels embedded in the window millions.

VML technologies designed, manufactured, and installed the bespoke LED system.

The Brilliant team at Production Park worked in a new Previs studio to develop a creative and technical workflow to accurately position each pixel in 3D and 2D space created a content creation workflow for a spherical screen covering a massive surface area of over 20,000 sq meters.


Photo credit: Paul Raftery

astana-expo-2017-paul-raftery-architecture-photography_dezeen_sq-1 astana-expo-2017-paul-raftery-architecture-photography_dezeen_2364_col_13-852x568

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